It has been a while…

I realized I got super busy and completely abandoned this…which was never my intent. This kind of motivates me because it forces accountability. Speaking of accountability, I just ate three donuts.  Any how, I had taken a break from working out because I got a sick…seems to be the case but I can’t work when I can’t even breathe sitting at my desk. Thank you allergies… It rained on and off for like two weeks and it just stirred up all the allergens outside.

I have been keeping up with the Metformin. Unfortunately, I think just the drug has plateaued so workout and diet are now required. Which means I have to get back into the swing of daily workouts… I may instead of working out 5 days a week I may go to working out 7 days a week to make it a habit faster. I’m still not sure though because I like having days off, it gives me something to look forward to. So this week I’m going to start tracking what I eat again and also the calories burned during workouts.  Since the machines aren’t 100% accurate in calculating calories burned, I just use it as a ball park figure.  In order to count calories though, I have to remember to plan because without planning I end up eating fast food which I know is awful. I also need to get back on my water routine… I hadn’t really gone back to soda but sweet tea is my drink of choice. Did you know that a large McDonald’s Sweet tea has 280 calories…. and most people drink that with something else. Scary huh?

I tried to go to the gym tonight… but I got there and well my gym badge wasn’t with me…without a badge I can’t get in the gym. Fail. But there is always tomorrow. I had been working out at night because that meant I didn’t have to drag my entire bathroom with me to work…which is great. But I really rather get it out of the way as soon as possible so I can get leave the office at my scheduled time. That means that if I want to do an hour of cardio and my strength training circuit, I have to have about one and a half hours to spend in the actual gym and then about 45 minutes to shower and get ready…I did get a promotion which means I have to actually look presentable…haha.  If I have to be in the office at 2. I have to be at work about to workout at like 11:20. The elliptical from 11:30-12:30, strength training,  from 12:0-1:10 and then dress and go upstairs to be in by 2.  Which doesn’t sound difficult but it is because I just have difficultly getting my shit together.

Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be able to post a picture of my workout results.




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More put together

I decided recently that I’m kind of lazy in the appearance department. Not to say that I think of myself as ugly, just like I never actually take time to get dressed in the morning like a normal human being. I just throw stuff on, put up my hair or blow dry it and get the heck out of the house. Not necessarily because I don’t want to, I just never seem to have the time (or have enough time at the right moment) to look less…flustered. Lets be honest, with the amount of dogs in this house, I should be required to lint roll before I leave, but I don’t. I just think I’m a walking advertisement that I love all things fluffy. 

In an effort to ‘fix’ this, I decided that I have to do my hair (actually do — which means blow dry and at least straighten the ends) and makeup before I leave the house. Not as like a punishment, but if I get in the habit of doing it, I’ll be able to do it faster and not have to make it this big production. Two days ago I was supposed to have a meeting — which got postponed until Friday, which is fine, it gives me more time prepare. But for this meeting I dressed in business clothes, did my hair and makeup, had on earrings (which doesn’t sound like a big deal but when you work in a call center sometimes earrings can hurt your head). One of my coworkers complimented me on my attire/look and said I looked fancy. In actuality, I just looked like an adult in business clothes but because we live in a casual office, it came across as fancy I suppose. It made me chuckle. 

At first I was thinking, I’m just in call center. I’ll just run upstairs with my hair up, because I can’t dry it in a humid locker room. Fact. However, the locker room and the bathroom are separated by a door and that door mean I can blow dry and straighten my hair in the bathroom. There is an outlet and everything. I also learned that I do not need to moisturize my face right after a workout because in a humid locker room, my face just keeps sweating and my makeup never dries. This problem was also solved by moving that aspect of my routine to the bathroom. It sounds like I live at work, but that is only because its convenient. I’m not being handcuffed to a desk or anything…  We have a gym, a cafe, a locker room, a patio, these ‘zen’ spaces with couches… its kind of like the Wal-Mart of office buildings. 

So now, in addition to taking care of myself physically by this working out nonsense. I’m going to spend time to dress myself appropriately when I go out. Now I’m not going to be one of those girls in the gym covered in makeup, if you see me in the gym with makeup its because I went to work first and then worked out. But if I’m going out with my husband, going to work, etc. This will include the lint roller…I really should hang one of these by the front door or something. 

I know I usually post about weight and such but this is what was on my mind. I did work out all five days this week although yesterday was REALLY hard. I was having an awful day. One of those, “Why me?” days. But guess what? I had to pull up my big girl pants and say, there are going to be girls who are skinny without the work whether I get my ass on this elliptical or not. So I did my hour. I’ll be working out again Thursday and Friday. 🙂 I can’t believe I’m up to an hour know. 

Much love,


In case I don’t write again before Friday, lets hope that meeting goes smoothly. In the words of John Mayer, “I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for.” 


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Over half way to my first goal…



Ladies and gentlemen, you heard it first hand, I am officially down 31.2 pounds since November 15th. My first goal is 60. Only 28.8 lbs to go! After I lose 60, I want to see what I look like and what I feel like and then make another goal after that. This just my first (and big chunk) of a goal that ultimately will probably be anywhere from 60-85lbs. I want to look great and feel great and not be number obsessed.

In other news, last week as I mentioned was my baby sisters birthday. She is no longer my baby sister. She just turned 18!! So our family went out for a nice dinner and then my husband and I and her and her boyfriend all went out bowling. On this fun adventure I decided that my 30 pounds lighter self should sport my stilettos ( I didn’t know we were going bowling….) and while walking into the bowling alley my heel got caught between the hole in the sidewalk and I fell flat on my face, scraping and bruising my left knee. Well it was quite a scene because of course I look like this over dressed bitch who can’t walk in heels.. but its my sisters birthday and I don’t want to be an asshole and leave. So I looked at it and my leggings were like stuck to it….but I had no Band-Aids or anything so I just sucked it up and bowled and when we left I got home and cleaned it up a bit. It stung like no other. With the four dogs in the bed I was terrified someone was going step right on it. Thankfully, the next day I went out and got some peroxide and antibiotic cream and such to fix the situation because without a bandage it kept sticking to my pants which by the way is such a painful experience. I had no idea how thin the skin on your knees are until I researched it and everything says that evidently it is super delicate, which explains the pain. Anyway, the point of this story is that I couldn’t workout this week because I couldn’t bend my knee and my trainer friend was like REST to not make the bruise under the scrape much worse. So my ass kicking was postponed until this Friday….But I’m still losing weight so I’m rocking it.

Today I got a text from my husband saying our oldest dog was not in the back yard with the other dog. Lets be honest, her fat ass wasn’t hopping the fence so he looked around for her and found her under the shed refusing to come out. She just growled at him whenever he tried to get to her. He even put a stick in there and she bit the stick… The neighbor came over and they tried to dig her out and she just kept freaking out so he left her alone for a while and eventually she came to the back door and barked like she always does to come inside.  She seems okay, but I honestly thought she had made a place to go to doggy heaven. She’s almost 10 years old…and for a mixed breed that kinda old. She is overweight, shes been walking slower these days and acting aggressively to two of our other dogs. I just wasn’t expecting it, but if she is tired and needs to go, she can but I will miss her.  She curled up with me on the bed as I write this. I included two pictures of our dogs in this post. The spotted one… is Dottie, the brown one is Hershey, the Yorkie is Reese and the black one is Chunky.

Tomorrow I am off and pretty stoked about the whole idea since I work this weekend. Maybe I can get some things done around the house. Also, it is hot as balls here in Virginia, Winter left, Spring made a drive by appearance Summer is all like hey guys I’m back…  As I’ve said before, here our seasons don’t matter. You have two choices, freezing your ass off.. or being hot and miserably humid. Hopefully, the since the heat has broken out before actual summer tomorrow will at least be tolerable.

As a side note, I discussed with my husband that once I reach my goals (not IF, but once) I may want to start some kind of personal training program for all the fluffs who think they can’t do it. I used to be a can’t. I used to be I can’t and won’t and if you try to make me I’ll punch you. But I’ve come so far and I can, and so can you!  Six months ago if you told me, at some point I’d miss not being able to workout due to an injury, I’d have laughed in your face… but I honestly am glad I’ll be able to get back in the gym Friday.  Nothing like listening to old school rap music to made you feel bad-ass enough to keep going. I’m shooting for another hour. 🙂

I recently became professionally ambitious. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. I don’t want to release too many details as its very early in the game. But either way its a great experience I just dove into.

Much love,

Glitter Princess Jessica

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Oh Really?

Yay! I did it!

Yay! I did it!

As many of you who read this know that I work out 5 days a week. I do 45 minutes of cardio. Which usually ends up being on the elliptical. I also do strength training and core training alternating days.  I started from barely being able to walk around the neighborhood without being out of breath and sweating and yesterday I did 50 minutes on the elliptical. Today I pushed myself to go an hour and I did it. I was so proud of myself. I also recently went for a leisurely 4 mile walk and even at a leisurely pace it used to make me wheezy and sweat a bunch and normally I’d break for a while half way through. This time I didn’t sweat at all and I never had to stop… I was pretty stoked. Next week I’m upping the weights  so I’ll keep you posted on how that goes. I still like that I have what I call “baby biceps”… you can actually see my biceps when I flex my muscles.

Yesterday I made the decision to go to counting calories versus points after a few weeks of points with no loss. I’m shooting for between 12-1500 calories a day. I may even up it to 1700 on the weekends, but we’ll see.  Hopefully that will help me progress a little faster. I’m still trying to make better food choices. Like my new cereal obsession is Special K, and I add 1/8th cup slivered almonds, a little box of raisins and a banana. SO YUM! But when I can’t make better choices I’m at least counting the calories of what I do  put in my mouth. Today I had a scare though. I wasn’t trying to not eat, but I was rushing so I had half of my granola bar (the Nature Valley two bar packs) in the car with my water on the way to the gym.   So I worked out for an hour (as mentioned above) and burned 509 calories. I got upstairs and drank a V8 Fusion Cranberry Blackberry. Which was 160 so for the day I had eaten 255 calories for the day and this was at about 6pm today. I was on the phones at work (its a call center) and suddenly got so incredibly nausea’s. Then I looked at my food log and realized it was probably due to lack of food. I ate some mandarin oranges and some raisins but it wasn’t killing the icky. I told my dear friend at work and she was like oh jeez you need to eat something so she was nice enough to lend me some food out of her drawer.  I ate something called ‘breakfast on the go’ its like oatmeal and almonds and fruit pieces. Which was just enough to make me not pass out. So on my lunch I went and got some food. It was fast food but it was still only like 600 calories son in comparison to some fast food choices I thought it was a good choice.  But I learned that if I’m going to workout like that I need to have at least 400-500 calories before my workout or at least right afterward. I can’t wait for it to get like that because it was kind of intense. I’m trying to do some research on whether or not I should add the calories from my workout or leave the deficit. For example right now I’ve had about 1500 calories for the day approximately. After my workout that still puts me right near 1000… should I be eating another 500? I’m unsure. Still working on it.

Another thing I wanted to touch on, someone recently told me they didn’t ‘believe’ in heart rate monitors. They’re in pretty good shape and they workout too and train people…so this annoyed me (They also think the elliptical is the most worthless machine..but that is another story). Because without knowing your heart rate you can’t determine if you are working out hard enough or even too hard. Especially when it comes to fat loss, I want to make sure my time during cardio is well spent.  Yes, I know weight training is important, but since I am over weight I need to get a lot of the weight off before my focus is strength. I do a little strength and a little core but I don’t go crazy for this reason.  If you check out the American Heart Associations website they have lots of great information about the importance of heart rates while working out.

If its heart rate monitor accuracy you’re concerned with..sometimes its a matter of you get what you pay for. And just as any other estimate device, there is going to be issues with beats per minute verses actual beats per minute.   I’d say maybe between 5-20bpm off. But I have gotten to a point where I know what it feels like to put in full exertion verses moderate or low levels of intensity. A lot of people have a heart rate monitor they wear and then also have the one that is on the cardio machine of their choice. While I’m not keen on trusting calories burned on these machine because it only takes into account your height and weight, the heart rate is fairly accurate and if you wear one and use one of the personal kind, just take the average between the two. After all unless you’d like to hire a doctor to hook you up to a stress test every time you workout, a ‘guesstimate’ is what you’re going to need to use.

Anyways, I’m off for the weekend. Which means two days of rest no work or no workout. I’ll be back to ass kicking on Monday.  Making good eating choices and celebrating my sisters 18th birthday. Hopefully that will go well.

Until next time,

Princess Jessica

American Heart Association info:


Guide about Heart Rate Monitors:

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Working out is the most rewarding when…

You have that discussion with yourself before hand of all the reasons you deserve to not have to work out today. Like the treadmill day before yesterday gave me crazy blisters again. Evidently I walk really hard on the balls of my feet so by 30 minutes in power walking on the treadmill….It feels like I am barefoot. No cushion between my feet and the treadmill. Feels so painful. So today I was contemplating since I got to the gym late, just doing strength training because my feet hurt so bad. I was like nah, its fine. I’ll just skip cardio today. So I was wasting time… watching the infomercial on the gym television… and finally after about 10 minutes of an internal battle of excuses I was just like screw it. Got on the elliptical and did my 45 minutes. Technically, I did 47 because during my contemplation phase I didn’t enter my weight so my calories weren’t being counted so I restarted after two minutes when I decided I was going to do it. Blisters or no blisters. No excuses. So I did it and when I finished. I felt like a Bad Ass.  I didn’t have time to lift weights because I didn’t start..ellipticalling? (Yeah I did that..), until about 2:47 and I have to  get upstairs to work by 4. So after my shift, I went back down to the gym and did my circuit.  Pretty satisfied. 🙂 Tracking food starts again tomorrow. Oh and core work tomorrow… yuck. my abs still hurt. I can barely pee without being in a little pain and when I cough..I cringe. haha.

Pretend this is a creative transition to another topic. In this case, its just lack of respect. I’m all about having respect for different beliefs. I really am, while I am a Christian, it is because I choose to be and anyone else has the right to be whatever political and religious affiliation they chose to be. I understand on my Facebook that I get your updates in my feed and that those are your opinions. However, I recently had  a pretty dear friend of mine, spend his entire Easter posting Memes and random blurbs about how Christians “Fucked up” Easter – Pagan edition. Which he is fully entitled to his opinions, however I disagree. We may not agree on what the reason for Easter is, but it is still Easter. His open post that one religion is responsible for ‘fucking up’ a holiday… It irked me and well, Facebook has yet to create a ‘dislike’ button. So I just commended and said ‘dislike.’  Honestly, I figured he’d ignore it. But he said, “its the truth, sorry you dislike”. This was the first uber Christian bashing comment. We live in America, he can Christian bash all he wants to, but I am a Christian and do not care to see it. I believe that Easter is celebration the Resurrection of Christ.  I just kind of let it roll off because it isn’t my job to judge and I’m not going “feed the trolls” as I like to call it. (Not implying that those of other faiths are trolls, just that this particular person I consider to be troll like in nature when it comes to the topic).  So then I check my feed again, several hours later, yet another post about what Christians “Think” they are celebrating and what they are actually celebrating. News Flash. I don’t tell you what you celebrate so don’t tell me what the holiday I celebrate represents to me. Again…I keep saying, don’t feed the trolls. Finally, before I got home, I checked again and another post about how Easter is basically a joke because of its Pagan origin in history. I’m not saying I have to agree with everything, but after I wrote dislike on the first one, I honestly felt like I was being belittled by this person. Maybe that’s me taking it too personally, if that is the case so be it. I have plenty of friends who get along with me just fine and they aren’t Christian. 

John 15:17. “Here is the law I gave you. Love each other.” 

Christianity is about LOVE. Unconditional, cut the crap, love.  My opinion won’t change yours and vice verse.  I decided at that point instead of letting it eat at me. Just do a little Facebook clean up. I deleted that person, not because I don’t love them. I love them dearly, however, things like that make me very upset and it isn’t worth sacrificing what friendship we would have if that person lived closer, for us to banter all day via Facebook. I also deleted some people I’ve lost touch with, not like they’ve done anything wrong, we just have lost whatever our connection was, whether it be a job, a school, or even a social circle.

I am far from perfect, I know this. My faith in Christ says that God created me in His likeness but that I’m not going to do exactly what He wants. I’m actually going to screw a lot up and I’m sure I have. For all Sin and fall short of the Glory of God. ALL. No matter how perfect you try to be you’ll still screw it up. Sounds depressing until you understand that God had a plan and because were all such screw ups, He sent Jesus, someone who was actually Sinless to basically take the heat for all of our mess. Easter to me, is the day we celebrate that when he was crucified, he rose from the grave and now sits next to God in Heaven. Maybe to you Easter is a day you go to the pet store and pet all the bunnies. Or the day you celebrate fertility and sex. Or the day you celebrate peeps and jelly beans. No matter what you celebrate it for your reasons and I celebrate it for mine. End of discussion.

Much love, until next time.

Princess Jessica

…Now I really want some peeps.

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Ding dong the witch is dead..

The guy at work that was about to have his ass handed to him, quit before he could be fired. While I understand the principle behind his actions, it makes me very upset that he’s allowed to say he quit. He didn’t quit, its just that our termination process takes time and well he knew good and well he was doing nothing. Like someone would say, you know you don’t do your job and he’d completely acknowledge that. Now I’m pretty sure he has some kind of family or psychological problem going on at the moment, however, that does not excuse anyone from abusing their position. Thankfully now since that is over, we don’t have to keep tabs on his presence at his desk .

Today I did core work 🙂 I did some planking. I can only hold it for 20 seconds at the moment but I’m sure it will get better.  I work the next like seven days so its going to suck working out every day but I’m sure I can do it. I never thought I’d be able to consistently do 45 minutes of cardio at least five days a week. I honestly thought getting to like 30 minutes would make me so mad. But I’m pretty proud of my progress. If I have the money there is a 5K I may want to do soon. It is called Glow 5K and you get to walk/run in the dark with glow sticks and black lights and stuff.  I already do about 2.5 miles on the elliptical every day in about 45 minutes, and a 5K is 3.1 miles.   I stretched today before working out and it felt so good. I can almost lift my legs up the way I used to when I cheered. I think I may be plateauing though which concerns me. But I’ll have to carefully track my food to make sure I’m just not over eating and its actually a plateau. I’m going to start tracking again Monday, just to check and if I have plateaued I’ll have to increase the cardio to 60 minutes…yikes.

I really wish my mom would start working out too. It is really awkward to talk about my progress around her because she has a heart condition and is insisting she ‘can’t’ get her heart rate above 65. Which I seriously doubt…she may be afraid to, but I don’t think she can’t. I think under doctors supervision she could work out. Even just walking around the block a couple of times a week.  I just think it would be good for her. But there is no convincing her.. found out a few days ago that her and the dog they have are on the same anxiety medication…wasn’t really sure how to react to that.  Is anxiety contagious? haha.

Anyways, working out really has helped my sleep issues. I can get to sleep with little to no problem these days.  Which is really helpful since my work schedule has me so out of the norm. Everything changes when you work nights. Like my normal sleeping time is between 3 and 4 in the morning.  Which means I sleep until probably until 12. Just kind of unusual.

Until next time,

Princess Jessica


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Rest in Peace man…

I haven’t updated as much as I wanted to because I’ve been super busy.  I’ve been trying to pick up as much overtime as possible at work. But I’ve also had some tough events happen over the last week. Last Saturday, a friend of the family passed away. He was 20 years old and committed suicide. Evidently those who do laugh the loudest are the saddest because he was usually the highlight of the party. Needless to say this kind of threw everyone for a loop, you don’t ever expect that and nothing will prepare you for that. So my husband and I went to the funeral on Friday evening and then also attended the celebration of life for him Saturday. It was very hard, but it was amazing to see how many lives he’s touched. I’m sure there were at least 300 people there.  It was so crazy, you’d turn around and see people that couldn’t get a table were standing. We went to my in laws last night and drank and played games. Chase would have had a blast and I’m pretty sure he was there in spirit.

Normally I work out five days a week or every day that I am scheduled to actually work. But I didn’t want to miss three days in a row (I had off Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So Friday when I went in to do overtime I also went to the gym. I did my strength training (and by the way I now have biceps you can see…I call them my ‘baby muscles) and then did 23 minutes on the elliptical because that is half of my usual 45. I ran out of time but since it was a bonus day anyway and I had only gotten two hours of sleep that night, I was satisfied.  I go back to work tomorrow (or later today, that is depressing) but I need to start getting there at one thirty instead of two so I’m not always rushing to get dressed. I am so close to my half way of my first goal. I cannot wait to post it to my Facebook. I weigh myself everyday but I try not to actually count it as a weigh in except on Monday’s. I need to find a good core workout to do on the other days, but with everything else going on this week I didn’t want to add that to the routine.

Until next time,

Princess Jessica

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The little voice in my head…

Anyone who knew me or even read this when I first started probably thought that I was clinically insane. I’m sure several friends contemplated hiring people who wear white coats to take me away until I calmed down…my husband probably contemplated the same thing. Mainly because the little voice in my head was such a negative douche bag. I was convinced that this would just suck and that is how it has to be.  Naturally, I didn’t gain weight because I love physical exercise…or love vegetables. I gained the weight because I hate eating healthy. Trust me. Anyone who knows me that 85% of the time I get some form of pasta that has cheese. Sometimes it is Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, sometimes its some cheese tortellini with a little butter and garlic salt, regular noodles with a little Parmesan  etc. Even when I go out, I still usually get pasta just with some shrimp or chicken.  I am just an extremely picky eater and I just stick with what I know because I am so particular about textures of my food. So eating healthy is just very very hard for me. So I’m trying to not completely wipe out pasta because it is not realistic for me. I’ve done Atkins/SouthBeach — and after a month of induction — I fall off the bandwagon and go crazy and gain back whatever it was I lost and then some.  I’m just trying to add more protein, Chicken and fish mostly or even hard boiled eggs, so that I’m not always hungry for pasta.    Which is working, slowly but working.  Especially because me feeling deprived does not work. It just makes me want to rebel and eat ALL the chocolate/pasta/cake… But I am officially off soda for 3 weeks today! I’m only drinking water! 🙂

Okay well back to that voice, now that voice in my head, has evidently found a Xanax or a shot of tequila (which is 4 points plus on weight watchers by the way.) So I am thinking a little more clearly now. When I started I was walking around the block for 30 minutes and struggling, not only physically but also to not murder all the skinny bitches I saw running down the street like it was a breeze. I battled blisters, adverse weather conditions like snow (or the unpredictable weather that is Richmond, VA), a torn meniscus in my right knee and shin splints. It  could have been a lot worse but I had a lot of things going against me when I started.  I progressed slowly to 40 minutes or so started  to lift weights. That is when I got sick and had to stop. When I started back up I did 30 minutes on the treadmill, upped it to 45. Now I do 35 on the elliptical (I started only being able to do 20 minutes) and then do ten minutes on the treadmill. My heart rate is about 165 for 45 minutes. Three days a week I do a small lift circuit after my cardio. Lower weights for now, but man I am feeling it in my chest. I was able to do 45lbs for the chest press and today when I woke up I was like oh dear.  I’m going to start doing core work on the days I don’t lift, that starts next week.  Tomorrow is my second day doing weights and I’m upping it from one set of 10 to 2 sets. Little steps for this girl.

Instead of that voice telling me I cannot do it, it tells me I can. It says “Remember, we did this yesterday, you can do it again today!”  Sometimes I’ll look at how much time I have on the elliptical and say, “if you do x amount of time on this machine, you’ll only have y amount of time on the treadmill!”  As a motivation to keep going. I sweat so much and In my head that voice is saying, “this is what a workout is — You’re doing it…” and when I get down, I think of all of those bullshit people I’d like to prove wrong. I’m doing this for me, but it would be really rewarding to one day stick my hot ass in their face and be like yeah what now asshat?  Maybe you’re hopeless, but I am not.  Today I looked so red after my workout a girl I worked with asked if I had a sun burn. I was like “no, I just kicked my fluffs ass in the gym.”  Well I didn’t say that, but that is what I was thinking. But that little voice has significantly had some sort of attitude adjustment. And for those of you who have not started your journey, whether you think you can’t or just don’t want to. Please don’t take this as me saying that I am in love with working out. I’m not. We have a love hate relationship actually. We are frienemies.

. (No copyright infringement intended, I obviously do not own the clip.)

I don’t love the exercise. I love the feeling I have when I’m finished.

Quote I recently saw:

Crawling is Acceptable

Falling is Acceptable

Puking is Acceptable

Crying is Acceptable

Pain is Acceptable

Blood is Acceptable

Quitting is not.

Until next time,

Princess, Ass kicking Jessica

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Very pretty day…

I don’t know if any of you know about Virginia, but the seasons here are a complete joke.  Wednesday it snowed…like 6 or 7 inches. And today it was around 60 degrees and amazing outside. So my husband, my brother in law and soon to be sister in law went to a local park called Maymont. It is a Richmond landmark. They have a petting zoo kind of area called the children’s farm and then they have other wild animals like bears and buffalo. There is also a section where you can see sea animals like otters. But the terrain can be kind of intense… So we walked around the park and I only had to stop and catch my breath a few times on really steep inclines. Well…after the really big hills. We’d get to the top and I’d be like wait a second guys! Fluffy girl back here. Hold on a minute. But I did much better than I have previously. Which made me very happy.

Not sure if I am going to walk tomorrow. I may just take a complete break and prep for starting weights Monday. I need to look up circuits to do at the gym that we have. They really should have like ‘beginner work outs’ listed near the machines. Like rep suggestions and then how to up the intensity.  Just so newbies know what to do.   I need to add some newer songs to my iphone to jam to on the cardio machines. I also have the tendency to watch My Drunk Kitchen and Jenna Marbles videos while working out. They make me laugh.

Well the lock just jumped from 1:59AM to 3AM. That is depressing.  I have a doctors appointment on Monday, hopefully less eventful than my recent appointments have gone.

Until the next weigh in —

Princess Jessica

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Working out is much harder….

When you’re on your period. Just learned this today. And yes it helps with the cramping but it doesn’t help my desire to kill someone while  I’m kicking my ass on the elliptical. I was like oh damn. This is hard.

However, since I had to be in fairly early today, I ended up running a little behind on my way to the gym…mainly because I was busy being a cuddle bug in my bed, don’t judge me. But I finally got there and got all situated and told myself that I’d just do 40 minutes (instead of 45) since I was cutting it close to be able to shower and grab a snack before my shift started at 1. So I did 25 Minutes on the  Elliptical… and then I dragged myself to the treadmill and set it for 15. At 7 minutes in, I was having a conversation with myself that went something like… “really, you’re going to not do 45 minutes? Even though you can? You physically can. Do you remember when you weren’t able to? You can do this and you’re just choosing not to?” So I upped the time five more minutes and did a full 20 for my 45 goal. Got off the treadmill feeling accomplished and went to the locker room. I get there and I sit down where I normally compose myself before hopping in the shower. And the power goes out…this locker room is pitch black… I’m covered in sweat and as red as a tomato.

Within 30 seconds the power comes back on… but had I not worked out 5 extra minutes that 30 seconds of terror would have happened naked in the shower at my job.  Needless to say I was pretty happy I wasn’t that… vulnerable when the power went out.  I me the HR Health and Wellness lady in the locker room too. She said their having a like fitness fair soon. Then I saw my departments manager and shes like when I saw you in the gym Monday you were getting a good workout weren’t you? And I told her my routine and she was like that is awesome!

I think this weekend even though I don’t have to work out based on the schedule I made for myself, I may just go for a walk or something each day which is a lot less intense than what I normally do, but it is still physical activity. We shall see. Next week. I start weights.


Until another time,

Princess Jessica

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